Chocolate Crepes

chocolate malt crepes

Don't be intimidated by the idea of making and serving Chocolate Crepes. They're delicious and impressive but as easy as 1-2-3!

Enjoy old-fashioned recipes like the ones they used to serve in soda shops?

If so, you'll love this recipe for chocolate malt powder crepes!

Top them with chocolate pudding, ice cream, or even chocolate mousse....don't forget the whipped cream and cherry! 

Just like the other chocolate desserts on this page, our Tiramisu Recipe for Crepes is surprisingly simple. It starts with our Mocha Crepes, which are filled with a delicious mixture of mascarpone cheese and coffee, and topped with our easy chocolate sauce. 

Homemade Chocolate Sauce over chocolate crepes is an easy way to satisfy a double chocolate craving with a hint of spice. Top these with pumpkin seeds for a little crunch. 

Chocolate and raspberry-filled crepes is a simple dessert that calls for just 3 ingredients. Raspberry jam and a silky layer of melted chocolate will make this one of your favorite raspberry desserts. 

Chocolate Banana Crepes is another classic that also includes just 3 ingredients. Our recipe includes Nutella, that delightful chocolate hazelnut spread that transports any dish into the realm of the extraordinary. 

Cherry Crepes - Black Forest Cherry Dessert features a double punch of chocolate, including a crepe batter made with cocoa powder and our chocolate sauce recipe. For a quick fix, substitute cherry pie filling for the cherry sauce. 

Irish Coffee Pie Crepes. If you like the smooth flavor of Irish whiskey and the rich flavor of coffee, you'll love this treat. For a little extra luck, add four leaves of mint for an instant "shamrock!" 

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Crepes is for people like my dad, Gale, who are simply "nuts" about peanut butter and chocolate. If you're like him, you'll be in heaven with just one bite of this creation. 

Easy Chocolate Recipes such as our chocolate crepes with caramel and chocolate sauce will treat your taste buds to a new level of heaven!

Recipe for Chocolate Mousse is an easy crepe filling that you can make in just minutes. Add fresh raspberries and chocolate sauce and you've got a tantalizing dessert.

White Chocolate Mousse Recipes. Tuxedo crepes, anyone? In spite of their "formal" nickname, these brown and white crepes are a snap to make.

Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce. If you like traditional Argentine dulce de leche, you'll love this version which is mixed with silky dark chocolate. 

Fascinated by the history of chocolate? When and how did it all begin? Read more about Who Invented Chocolate? 

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