Choosing the Best Crepe Pan


Searching for the best crepe pan for making crepes? Want tips on how to select and care for your pan?

Read along to learn how to choose the kind of pan you need to turn out the world's best crepes. 

Types of Crepe Pans
When making crepes, what kind of cooking pan is best? While you can cook pancakes free-form on a large griddle, you do need a pan to cook crepes because the batter is much thinner. A defined edge is necessary to control the size and thickness of the crepe. The ideal pan for making crepes will be 8 or 10 inches in diameter.

What is the best material for a crepe pan? The jury is out on what material is best. It all depends on your comfort and proficiency level. The good news is that there's a wide variety of all types, in material and cost. All you need is a flat surface and a shallow rim. 

Select and Care for Your Crepe Pan

Follow the links below for specific information on how to select and care for these pans. 

Blue Steel 

Cast Iron Fry Pans. 

Non Stick Pans 

Read our recommendation of the Best Crepe Pan. 

Cast Iron Grill Pan. Now that you have chosen your crepe pan, consider choosing a cast iron grill pan for your favorite crepe filling recipes. The deep ridges in the pan quickly and effortlessly sear your food on a high temperature with no fat (or very little) and impart those tasty grill marks given by outdoor grills. 

Seasoning Cast Iron Skillet. Learn more about how to season your cast-iron skillet. 

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