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Thanks for visiting World of Crepes. This website is a labor of love.

The former owner, Ashley Thomas Memory, and her father J. Gale Thomas, created World-of-Crepes.com to share their love of crepes with the world.

As she has started to pursue her writing career, she didn't have enough time to keep up this wonderful website and sold it to me, Marion Kummerow.

What makes this website different is that we offer a one-stop source for everything you want to know about crepes, from recipes and sauces to the proper tools and techniques.

Ashley and her father have been making crepes together for at least twenty years. You will appreciate that many of the recipes relive visits to their beloved France—the official home of the crepe —by developing own original recipes.  Recipes you won't find anywhere else.

Apart from the wonderful work that Ashley has done, my husband and I have added new recipes to the site over the last years, and you're welcome to send us your own creations or ideas. We always have an open idea for new and exciting recipes.

Basically, we believe that you can roll anything up in a crepe and it will taste delicious!

Read more about how we built this website.

Whether you're new to the crepe or a seasoned professional, we hope that our recipes, make-ahead tips, and tricks will inspire you to try these delicious creations on your own

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Comments from Other Visitors

Congratulations for your very interesting web site about so many crepe recipes and tips!Nathalie, Bonneval, France

I would like to congratulate and thank you for creating such a wonderful site with a wealth of information on crepes.Sahil, Owner of Crepe Co., Mumbai, India.

My husband is a big fan of crepes and your website is going to make our Valentine's Day special! Your award-winning citrus festival crepe is very unique.Ruchika, Houston, Texas

I tried your recipe for Hoppin John Crepes with my friends two nights ago and it was so good. I was surprised to find out that I already had the ingredients in my kitchen! Christine D. of Washington

You demonstrate more than culinary skills with this magical assortment of crepes! Your love of cooking and joie de vivre really shine through your website. Elizabeth Isley, Asheboro, N.C.

Thank you! The crepe recipes I've tried have been wonderful. My family loved the nutella one - really yummy!Jessie

Thanks a bunch for such a great siteMark Garcia, Menlo Park, California.

This website is by far the best I've seen yet with the best recipes out there.Lee, Santa Cruz, California.

I tried the eggnog crepe recipe from this website and it was wonderful. I topped my crepes with some fruit that I had in the refrigerator and waalah - dessert was ready. Thank you so much for the recipe.Ella, Wisconsin.

Your website is a world of good ideas and stuff for me. Thanks a mill...Willopen a spot soon... Denny, Brooklyn N.Y.

I am a foodie and love to try different things all the world over. When I visited your site I was quite surprised to see the unique dishes that could be made from crepes. I totally agree when you say that anything tastes delicious with crepes. I tried an Indian tikka with crepes the way I like it and trust me, I loved it and so did my son. It was yummy. Your site has opened doors to my creativity with CREPES ! Thanks a lot.Shabnam, India.

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