Recipes for Christmas Dinner 
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Seeking Main Dish Crepe Recipes? World of Crepes to the Rescue!

beef burgundy crepes

Seeking recipes for Christmas dinner? Read along for a full menu featuring crepes, including Christmas dessert recipes. 

We recently received a great question from Kathy in San Diego, California.

She writes: Dear World of Crepes: I would like to have crepes as my main course meal on Christmas and would like your suggestions on which 2 or 3 would be best.  Also not sure what else to serve with them other than salad. Help!!  

As you plan ahead for the holidays, crepes make delicious and impressive main dish and dessert recipes for Christmas dinner.

For your main dish, we recommend Beef Burgundy Crepes as pictured above or festive Chicken and Artichoke Crepes. What I love most about these crepes is that they are easy make ahead dishes that you can assemble and heat in the oven just before serving.

How to Cook Beef Brisket. For another great idea, consider beef brisket. This carefree crockpot recipe turns the naturally tough brisket into a tender and succulent roast that makes a delicious crepe filling.

For a side dish, you may indeed offer a salad. Oven-roasted potatoes, sauteed green beans, or broccoli are other suitable options.

Broccoli and Cauliflower Au Gratin Crepes is a great main dish or easy side dish when you need quick dinner ideas. Replace the macaroni and cheese with this recipe for crepes tonight. 

peppermint crepes

Whatever you do, don't forget the Christmas dessert!

Let your younger guests help you assemble Kids Christmas Dessert Recipes featuring chocolate crepes with peppermint cream cheese.

They also make great snacks for Santa! 

Best Christmas Dessert. For the best Christmas dessert of all, try using leftover eggnog to make crepes! Your eggnog may never make it to the punchbowl again!

Tangerine Recipes for crepes. December is the perfect time to enjoy tangerines, especially when rolled up in warm crepes drizzled with our cinnamon-caramel sauce.

Easy Christmas Desserts. Want more? From miniature cherry crepes to chocolate raspberry crepes, read along for a smorgasbord of delicious holiday dessert crepes.

Christmas cookies. Do you just love to bake? Try our Almonds cookie recipe with Cranberries. I'm sure it'll soon become one of your favorites.

Unusual Xmas Gifts. Read along for a list of our best gift ideas just for crepe makers! Crepe makers are an eclectic bunch and deserve a personalized gift that shows you truly understand their individual wants and needs.

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