Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce
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Who doesn't love dark chocolate fudge sauce?

Well, I thought so...chocolate is one of my favorites and you definitely have to try the best dark fudge sauce in the world.

la salamandra dulce de leche

I can guarantee that you'll get hooked and will never want to trade it for any other sauce.

This dark chocolate sauce from La Salamandra has been imported from Argentina, right from the country, that is home to the famous "dulce de leche" (also called Arequipe).

La Salamandra Dulce de Leche is first-ranked in local Argentine comparative tastings, where it is prized for its depth of caramel flavor. And the Argentinians should know, this is their favorite dessert :-)

If you've never tried it, you're definitely missing out on something!

And if you already like traditional Argentine dulce de leche, you'll just love this version which is mixed with silky dark chocolate. Yummy!

This is for a quick dessert crepe, you can use the ready-made sauce hot or cold and just pour it over your delicious crepes. No cooking and preparation time involved.

Perfect if you're short on time. Use it together with frozen crepes that you have previously stored in your freezer and it will soon become your to-go emergency dessert for unexpected guests.

We recommend heating it and serving over our dessert crepes.

But it also makes a great topping for ice cream, fruit or cupcakes. You could even eat it on its own or spread on bread.

la salamandra dulce de leche

Need a quick dessert to have on hand when guests surprise you? Try this La Salamandra Dulce de Leche w/ Dark Chocolate from Amazon, affiliate partner with World of Crepes. This creamy chocolate sauce is imported from Argentina, the home of the world' best milk caramel.

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