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Pecan Turtle Brownie Recipe

Our fantastic Pecan Dessert Turtle Brownie Crepes will water your mouth and have you ask for more...

Pecan dessert recipes are always welcome in the South, especially in areas ripe with fresh pecan trees.

So, go ahead and secure some of those buttery, rich-flavored nuts before you kids can eat them all. Apart from being super yummy, they're also healthy, containing high levels of zinc and vitamin B1.

Zinc is believed to give your immune system a boost, exactly what you need after a long and dark winter. Good for you that Pecan season is from November to February. Off course you can buy them year around, but fresh tastes best. Anytime!

This Pecan Turtle Brownie recipe for crepes features three of the most popular dessert ingredients: pecans, chocolate, and caramel.

All desserts are great, but the best kinds are the ones that can be assembled quickly!

The truth is that I created this easy dessert on impulse, simply by cobbling together ingredients already on hand.

And nothing is "sweeter" than saving a trip to the grocery store!


First, make crepes and cover to keep warm. If you made your crepes ahead of time, remove them from the refrigerator or freezer, wrap them in foil and reheat in a 325-degree oven for about 10 minutes or until warmed.

Next, make caramel sauce. Once completed, whisk in pecans.

Assemble crepes: Fold first two crepes into quarters and arrange in a circle on serving dish. Drizzle with 2 tbsp of warm caramel sauce. If desired, top with one scoop of ice cream and garnish with pecans. Repeat with remaining crepes and serve immediately.

Tip for Variation: Pecans are a close relative to walnuts, therefore you can use walnuts, too. Personally, I don't like the slightly bitter taste of walnuts, but my mother-in-law loves them.

Whenever she visits, she get her own special Walnut Turtle Brownie Crepes.

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