How to Make Crepes in 6 Easy Steps

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Want to learn how to make the perfect crepe? It all starts with the technique! After you mix your choice from the world's best crepe batter recipes, follow these easy six steps and you're done.

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  1. Place your preferred pan on a medium-hot burner. Once hot, brush with a little oil or butter.

  2. Pour 2-3 tablespoons of batter onto the pan.

  3. Remove pan from the heat.

  4. Swirl pan around until batter coats the bottom. Some batter will roll up to the sides; you will get a thin, crisp edge.

  5. Return pan to burner. When the edge turns light brown—the crepe itself will become golden brown—flip the crepe.

  6. Cook the other side for about 15 seconds until done.

Repeat the procedure (buttering as necessary in between crepes). Depending on the recipe and pan you choose, you may end up with 12-24 crepes. Will they all look perfect? No. With its individual shape and color, each crepe is as unique as your fingerprint. And while they should be very thin, don't panic if some of them are thicker than others. This is the beauty of handmade crepes. 

Stack each crepe between a sheet of waxed paper until you're ready to use it. At this point, you may freeze the entire stack for later (up until 6 months). But now that you know how to make crepes, why not continue the fun by finding and making your own favorite crepe recipe at World of Crepes Home?

Flip Tips. Don't try to flip the crepe while it's still moist. A "flip-ready" crepe will be dry and will actually slide at the nudge of a spatula. 

Having trouble? If you're careful, you can always use your fingertips. But rather than risk burning yourself, try using a second pan to flip the crepe. Simply place a second pan on top of the crepe in your first pan, remove both pans from the burner and turn the first pan over into the second pan. Your crepe is now flipped! This is a technique described in the Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook. Using this method, you can actually cook the crepe on the reverse side in this second pan on a different burner, thus doubling your ability to keep making crepes!

Not sure about what kind of pan is best? Read our Recommendation for the Best Crepe Pan. 

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