Cast Iron Fry Pans

Cast iron fry pans

Cast iron fry pans or cast iron skillets make excellent crepe pans. In fact, early crepes were actually cooked on a cast-iron plate over a wood fire.

If you already have a skillet that has been well-seasoned, then you are ready to go! Crepes shouldn't stick in a a well-seasoned pan.

If you have a brand new cast iron pan, learn more about Seasoning A Cast Iron Skillet.

Why Use a Cast Iron Pan?

Even though it's not our first choice, especially for beginners, we use our cast iron skillet a lot - not only for crepe making. If you want to read my take on the best crepe pan, click here.

The cast iron is very versatile and I will talk about its advantages in just a second. But there is one big disadvantage: the weight! The pan can easily weigh 3-4 pounds (1-2 kilos), and this is nothing for the faint. If you're about to make a dozen or more crepes and don't have well trained arm muscles, you'll be out of luck very soon.

This is my main objective against cast iron. Otherwise it's a wonderful pan. I use mine only for small amounts of cooking (definitely not when I have have friends invited).

Otherwise it might just be the best skillet for crepes you can use.

  • no need to use oil with a well seasoned pan
  • they're specifically suited to make crepes (but also many other dishes)
  • they become better the more often you use them
  • no dangerous chemicals used to produce them (like in some non-stick skillets)
  • good brands offer life-time guarantee

Cast iron fry pans don't come cheap and I would strongly advise against any skillet below $20.

Depending on your cooking habits, we can recommend either an allrounder like the Lodge L17SK3 Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet or a crepe specialist like the French Made Crepe Pan by Staub.

Using Your Pan

Swirling the batter requires a little finesse, but it certainly makes for a good work-out for your arms! 

How to Clean and Care for Your Cast Iron Fry Pans

Most cast iron pans may be cleaned easily by simply wiping them with a paper towel moistened with a little oil. 

There is a myth that you should not use soap and water when cleaning because this will remove the seasoning. The experts now say that this is not true and that you may wash the pan as necessary with a mild detergent and water without fear of ruining your "seasoning." 

For sanitary reasons, I wash mine every few weeks and find that my seasoning is unaffected. However, you must take great care to completely dry your pan to keep it from rusting.

If it should rust, no worries, simply scour it off by washing (including a good handful of kosher salt as an abrasive) and dry it carefully. After cleaning, store the pan in a dry, dust free area.

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