Basic Crepe Batter Recipe

Want to get started on your own delicious homemade crepes? Use one of our basic crepe batter recipes and you'll be on your way. Mixing the batter is one of the easiest steps of all. As my dad taught me, the type of batter you choose depends on your recipe.

Basic Crepe Batter Recipe.
For main dish crepes such as our beef burgundy, chicken with mushrooms, or seafood crepes, you'll want to use our savory batter recipe.

Basic Crepe Batter with Herbs Recipe.
Use this basic crepe batter flavored with your choice of fresh herbs to make the perfect crepe for all of your savory or dinner crepe fillings.

Basic Crepe Batter Recipe for Buckwheat Crepes. 
Live like a Breton and make a galette, or buckwheat crepe, as they eat in Brittany, France.

Dessert Crepe Batter Recipe. 
For desserts such as strawberry or crepes suzette, you'll want to use our dessert batter recipe that features a splash of orange liqueur.

Chocolate Crepe Batter Recipe.
For extra special desserts featuring chocolate, add a twist by using our chocolate crepe batter featuring melted chocolate and cocoa powder. It's like a thin layer of chocolate cake surrounding all your favorite fillings.

Note: Many people use a basic recipe for all crepes—and it works just fine—but if you like to give your desserts a little extra sweetness, we recommend using a sweet crepe batter recipe such as our dessert crepe batter or chocolate crepe batter for your dessert crepes.

Don't want to make your own batter? There's a wealth of easy and delicious mixes on the market. I've tried several and with excellent results. They're a great time-saver to keep on hand in your pantry. You may also find excellent pre-made crepes in some grocery stores.

How to Make Crepes in 6 easy steps. Once you've whipped up your batter, it's time to heat up your crepe pan or maker to cook the crepes. Let the fun begin! Visit this link to learn how to do it the easy way.

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