Sauteed Mushroom & Greens Crepes

by Michael Weber
(New Orleans, LA)

Here in the swamp, we love our greens - collards, beats, spinach, kale, dandelion - they all work for this easy recipe. One thing we don't love is wasting time measuring ingredients, so this is as close to a recipe you'll ever get from me.


1 large bunch of collards (or, if you're lucky, you'll find pre-washed bags of mixed southern greens - like those above. If you're not so lucky and live up north, you can use spinach and chard.) Chop 'em up.

A couple cloves of garlic (as much as you like and you're family will tolerate.)

A good drizzle of olive oil in an iron skillet

A couple baskets of mushrooms - the more different varietys the better, but just plain button mushrooms will do in a pinch. Sliced up - not too thin - base and all.

Mozzerella cheese grated

1 medium vidalia onion sliced thin

1 red pepper (or even a hot pepper if you'd like) chopped

Fresh herbs - taragon is nice, or herbs de provence if you have it, even dried is good. Grab what falls out of the cupboard first

In a large skillet, drizzle olive oil, add the onions, peppers and garlic and sautee for a couple minutes - but not mush.

Add the mushrooms and herbs and sautee until the mushrooms are also soft - but still have some firmness

Add as much of the grees as you can to the pan and cover. Allow the greens to soften, stiring it all together now and then. (Collards might need to be boiled a couple minutes in a pan of hot water prior to adding them to the pan. If your collards are fresh and young, no problem.)

Once this mixture is all nicely sauteed, place in crepes (or in a pinch whole wheat tortillas will work)

Sprinkle some freshly grated cheese on the mixture and roll.

It's that easy folks.

Michael Weber, New Orleans, Louisiana

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Apr 24, 2013
I love Mushrooms
by: World of Crepes

Hi Michael,

thanks for that fantastic recipe.

I'm sure that everyone will be able to do it even without the exact measurements.

Mushrooms and Greens that sounds so tempting, I'm off to the supermarket and then you'll find me in the kitchen :-)

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