Le Safran. Lao PDR

by Kroocrew (http:ediblyasian.info)
(Kaeng Khoi. Thailand)

It was in Vientiane, the capital city of Laos PDR ( Affectionately known as: Laos Please Don't Rush). This city has a colonial past with French rule from late 19th century to mid 20th century where there was some injection of French culture and a littler cuisine. In the small city there are a few French restaurants and creperies, the most noticeable being near the city fountain.

Here is where I came across the most fantastic dessert crepe which included apple sauteed in Calvados, set in a crunchy thin toffee, drizzled with a variety of caramel sauces of varying complexity and thickness, wrapped in a thin crepe, smothered in whipped cream and sealed in a butterscotch sauce.

The plate was then drizzled with a thin caramel sauce around the edge. Somewhere on the plate was a small serve of French vanilla ice-cream which was needed because of the stifling temperature of the summer evening.

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