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Crepe with smoked salmon

French crepes recipes are an easy french food to make. They're also one of the most popular french foods across the world.

Read along for our favorite recipes inspired by France, the official home of the crepe.

In France, there are two types of crepes, savory and sweet. Everyone probably knows the sweet ones, chocolate and banana being the most common ones.

But did you know, that French people just love their savory crêpes and use them as the main dish. You can even cook a complete menu with crêpes, including an appetizer, main dish, and dessert.

Try your hand at our easy to do, but perfectly delicious recipes.

Just to avoid any confusion, savory crepes, like the smoked salmon crepe  on the picture above, are  usually made with buckwheat flour and are called galettes.

If you hear the word galettes the next time, you'll know it's a savory crepe.

Below you find a list of our favorite savory and sweet recipes.

Savory French Crepe Recipes

Sweet French Crepes Recipes

Classic Crepes Suzette Recipe. This easy orange dessert may be the world's most famous french dessert. In our classic recipe, we include a garnish of fresh orange and a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream.

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