Crepe Unnakaya

by Kroocrew (
(Kaeng Khoi. Thailand)


per crepe
1 Kerala banana
1 tablespoon grated coconut
1 teaspoon sugar
2 g kismis (sultanas)
2 g cashew nuts
10 ml ghee
Ghee for frying
mango slices
prepared crepe (Ashley your call!)


Steam the banana till tender. Mash it to a fine paste.
Heat frying pan. Add ghee, cashew nut, kismis, grated coconut and sugar.
Sauté on a low heat till it turns slightly brown. Keep aside.
Take a little of the banana paste in the palm, flatten it, stuff it with grated coconut mixture and roll into elongated shape , then deep fry in ghee.
Finally take a little of the ghee from the pan and add some palm sugar.
Heat this in the pan to caramelise the sugar.
Heat a crepe and transfer to a warm plate
Add the banana croquette and some sauce from the pan. Wrap the crepe over the croquette
Add a shot of brandy or rum.
Flame the alcohol.
Serve hot with a little more of the sauce and mango slices to the side.

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